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Caine Smith

Mar 26, 2024

A strategic acquisition of software company & new CTO appointment

We’re excited to share a pivotal development in our journey—a strategic acquisition that promises to redefine our capabilities and service offerings.‍

Amy Hayward

Nov 3, 2023

Sitting down with Mina Whorms, Marketing Communications Manager

Let’s get to know our Marketing Communications Manager as we welcome her to the team.

Amy Hayward

May 18, 2023

An interview with Roxanne, our new digital project manager

Meet Roxanne Mikely — AirVu Media’s new Digital Project Manager, focused on creating conversion-driven websites & apps.

Amy Hayward

May 2, 2023

AirVu Media is excited to announce our expansion into the United States

AirVu Media is excited to announce our expansion into the United States! We’ve opened a new location in Miami, Florida.

Amy Hayward

Apr 11, 2023

AirVu Media is a Google Partner

We’re a Google Partner! ‍Here’s more about what it means to be a Google Partner:

Amy Hayward

Feb 15, 2023

Getting to know Ty, Campaign Manager

With great excitement, welcome Tyleisha Galbraith, our new Campaign Manager, to the AirVu Media team.

Amy Hayward

Feb 7, 2023

Sitting down with Danni, Head of Social Media

Welcome, Daniele Fitzgerald! Meet the expert behind our new Head of Social Media.

Zorana Milovanovic

Aug 31, 2022

AirVu Media’s Creative Lead, Delano Myers, Named a Design Master by CIMPA

He’s at it again! Delano Myers, AirVu Media’s Creative Lead, won the Creative Professional of The Year Award.

Amy Hayward

Mar 10, 2022

Zest Meals website: the story behind the Addy

This year Zest Meals, won a SILVER Addy. Here’s how.