An interview with Roxanne, our new digital project manager

As we continue to design and build conversion-driven websites and applications for our clients, our team is growing to ensure we deliver the best results every time.

AirVu Media is delighted to welcome Roxanne Mikely to the team as a Digital Project Manager. Here’s a little more about Roxanne:

Established history of digital transformations

Few people can boast Roxanne’s range and experience in digital project management. With her latest work focused on Fintech, Roxanne has also worked with larger banks like First Global Bank and investment companies like PROVEN during her work history.

She tells us that some of her main focuses include digital transformation, process improvements, and customer relationship management systems. And, you guessed it, as a natural PM, Roxanne is also a dab hand at agile and waterfall processes.

On her background, Roxanne says, “I have over five years of experience leading projects in technology and financial sectors. I started my Project Management journey in Jamaica and then decided to study Information Technology Project Management in Canada to expand my knowledge and experience further.”.

A passion for project management

We only know a few people who enjoy being as organised as Roxanne (spoiler alert: most of them work at AirVu Media!) This passion comes from a genuine interest in turning ideas and concepts into reality. Breathing life into projects is what makes Roxanne tick!

She continues: “I find joy in delivering a project in a way that adds to a client’s success. And my success in project management comes from that passion.”.

Going beyond the basics of PM

Roxanne will manage our digital projects in her new role, including website builds, application development, and more. She will keep an eye on timelines and resources to ensure we deliver the best results for our clients.

Happily, Roxanne also loves going the extra mile. Her dedication to keeping up with industry best practices and incorporating new technologies into her projects will ensure that we stay at the forefront of our field.

She tells us: “I also enjoy keeping up with industry best practices and learning about new and emerging technologies. I make it a point to always know about any new concepts and see how to incorporate them into my projects and teams!”.

Talking the talk: mastering communication in our projects

It’s pretty much a given that if you’re an AirVu Media employee, you’re excellent at communication. So we’re delighted that Roxanne isn’t just a great project manager — she’s also an excellent communicator who loves going above and beyond for her clients.

Roxane expands: “I think the key to successful projects lies with communication. I take great pride in involving my team with all aspects of a project and ensuring that important information is always distributed effectively.”

From project plans to pastry plans

Like many of us at AirVu Media, Roxanne is also a gastronomer at heart!

On her interests outside of the work day, she says, “Outside of my professional pursuits, I enjoy trying out new food and pastry recipes.”.

AirVu Media is thrilled to have Roxanne join the team, bringing her wealth of experience and passion for project management to our projects. With her expertise in digital transformation, process improvements, and customer relationship management, we’re confident that Roxanne will help us deliver the best results for our clients.

So please join us in welcoming Roxanne to the AirVu Media team! We’re excited to see all that we’ll achieve together.