Sitting down with Danni, Head of Social Media

At AirVu Media, we’re growth experts and masters of content. We’re a team who loves what we do, and we want to continue to nurture that culture as our client base, and the team continues to grow.

Enter stage-right our new Head of Social Media! Meet Daniele Fitzgerald – or Danni (with two n’s!).

A true expert in data-driven strategies on social media, let’s get to know Danni a bit more:

Extensive experience in social media

Danni has held several senior roles at various luxury, food & beverage, and hospitality brands across the globe, from The Marriott to Vodka Revolution to IHG and everything in between. Beyond her vast experience, Danni studied fine art back in the day, making her the perfect blend of absolute nerd and visual virtuoso.

Talking about her experience with social media, Danni believes, “The power of social media lies in its ability to connect people and facilitate communication and engagement on a global scale, and that’s what I find fascinating. By harnessing this power and implementing a well-thought-out social media strategy, a brand can reach new audiences, build relationships with customers, and ultimately drive growth – it’s a superpower for any business.”.

Data, data, data (& sausage dogs)

Danni’s focus on data-driven decisions, accompanied by her attention to detail, is actually born out of a love of photography and travel.

In Danni’s words:  “I’ll admit it, I’m a self-confessed social media aficionado, and I love helping businesses harness the power of killer content. You’ll find me in my spare time exploring the outdoors with my camera and sausage dog Frankie (who, of course, is very popular in the sausage dog community over on Instagram) or checking out the latest hot spots in the city that I discovered on, you guessed it, on social media.”.

A focus on emerging technology & platforms

With comprehensive knowledge of social media strategy, copywriting, and content development, Danni has a particular penchant for emerging social media technologies. And, yes, you guessed it – that means she’s a wizard at TikTok and Instagram Reels.

“TikTok and Instagram Reels are powerful platforms for businesses to increase brand awareness and connect with their audience. However, I totally understand that algorithms can be complex and a little scary sometimes, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game with a flexible strategy. Instead of focusing solely on sales, it’s important to understand and resonate with your audience by showcasing the personality and values of your business. In today’s digital age, standing out and being relatable is crucial, and TikTok and Instagram Reels are great ways to do that. My expertise lies in using data and facts to help brands find the right balance on these platforms.”.

Beyond her technical know-how, Danni loves to develop strategies that seamlessly blend targeted ad campaigns, influencer partnerships, and the right timely content to maximise results.

Crafting killer cross-channel strategies

With a love of using research and data to drive successful marketing campaigns, Danni knows how to operate at pace.

“Having a solid social media presence is crucial for businesses these days. But with so many channels and options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. My top tip for crafting a killer cross-channel social media strategy is to mix things up and try out different tactics, like organic content creation, video content, paid advertising, and influencer marketing. By using a mix of tactics and tracking the results, you can maximise your reach and drive traffic to your website. And remember, constantly tailor your messaging to your target audience’s specific needs and interests to increase engagement.”.

Strategies shaped through research

We take pride in our research-driven strategy approach; Danni fits right in with this ethos.

She says that embracing the latest viral trends on platforms like TikTok isn’t something to be afraid of (even if it means being called ‘basic’) when you have the right understanding of markets, combined with a cracking strategy.

Danni finishes, “TikTok isn’t just about doing silly dances and hoping to go viral! There’s a lot of skill and strategy involved in getting your business on the right “For You” page. Research is key to understanding your audience and what they want to see, so you can create content that resonates with them. People are loyal to brands that show them loyalty back, so an authentic social media strategy that builds trust is key. Let us help you get there!”.

AirVu Media has long provided social media marketing services for our clients. With Danni at the helm of our social media team, we go next level, taking the same passion, dedication, and expertise that has made us a leader in e-commerce marketing.

Welcome on-board, Danni!