Supercharge your sales on TikTok: discover 4 brands dominating the platform

With its explosive growth and unparalleled popularity, TikTok has become the hottest social media platform of our time. Boasting 1.7 billion monthly active users in 2024, this social platform presents an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience and generate substantial revenue.

The value of TikTok as an acquisition platform is incredible, with an estimated whopping $9.4 billion in revenue generated in 2022 alone! 

As a business owner or marketer, seizing this opportunity and leveraging TikTok’s immense reach and influence could supercharge your sales. To help you achieve stellar results, we’ve handpicked four brands that are killing it on the platform and are successfully driving revenue through their creative strategies. Let’s dive in and unlock their secrets:

Ryanair: Turning Negatives into Positives

Ryanair, a well-known budget airline from Ireland, has become an expert at flipping negatives into positives on TikTok. By embracing trending content, Ryanair tackles the common criticisms associated with budget airlines head-on and with humour. Their witty and relatable videos have created a positive brand image and generated revenue through increased bookings. 

Impressively, Ryanair commands a following of 2.1 million on TikTok. This underscores TikTok’s substantial potential as a powerful platform for strategic branding efforts. This level of engagement effectively overshadows any lingering doubts that may have existed about Ryanair’s reputation in past years. When it comes to the airline industry, we all know that RyanAir is the leader in the social media space, and there is a lot we can learn from their strategic (and hilarious) approach. 

​​Key takeaway: Don’t be afraid to embrace some humour and humanised content within your strategy. People want to relate to your content.

Chipotle: Leveraging National Days and Influencers

Chipotle, the fast-casual restaurant chain, has mastered the art of harnessing TikTok’s trends and challenges to captivate its audience. With their active participation in national food days and the creation of viral challenges like the #ChipotleLidFlip, Chipotle has successfully ignited a frenzy among TikTok users. 

Their strategic collaborations with influential TikTok creators have significantly impacted brand messaging, expanding their reach not only on the platform but also beyond it. As a result, Chipotle has experienced an impressive 25% surge in online orders and a remarkable 30% increase in social media followers. Their remarkable success is a prime example of how collaborating with influencers can yield a fantastic return on investment (ROI). For a closer look at the astounding results of their #NationalGuacamoleDay campaign, check out the details here.

Key takeaway: Don’t shy away from hopping on trending challenges and content, and feel free to create your own — you never know, you might just become the next viral sensation! However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research when partnering with influencers. Take the time to examine their audience demographics and ensure they align with your desired customer base. Participating in the latest trends and selecting the right influencers can unlock tremendous potential for your brand on TikTok. 

Rare Beauty: Authenticity and Storytelling

Rare Beauty is a shining example of how authenticity and storytelling tremendously impact engagement and reach on TikTok. As one of the leading beauty brands worldwide, they have earned their reputation for a reason. Their collaboration with influencers who truly embody their brand values, providing honest reviews and tutorials, has resulted in a strong connection with customers. Founded by Selena Gomez, Rare Beauty effectively uses TikTok to communicate their mission of destigmatising mental health while also generating significant revenue from beauty product sales. The brand fosters a sense of community and inclusivity by highlighting Selena’s personality and featuring creators who genuinely use Rare Beauty’s cosmetics. This approach has led to a remarkable increase in brand awareness and a substantial 35% growth in online sales.

Key takeaway: The power of authenticity and collaboration with content creators who can enhance your brand’s visibility should not be underestimated. When formulating your content strategy, consider incorporating authenticity and partnerships that resonate with your target audience. You can create a meaningful connection that translates into increased revenue.

Duolingo: Trends and Fun Content

Duolingo, the renowned language-learning platform, has tapped into TikTok’s trends and engaging content to captivate its target audience effectively. By creating educational yet entertaining videos, Duolingo establishes itself as the ultimate resource for language learning. Recent data showcases the remarkable impact of Duolingo’s TikTok presence, with a staggering 50% increase in app downloads and a notable 20% rise in paid subscriptions. Their TikTok success is undeniable, as they have grown from 100,000 to 1.7 million followers in just a few months, accumulating an impressive 7 million likes and boasting a remarkable 19% engagement rate.

Most importantly, Duolingo’s TikTok presence has translated into tangible business results. The platform’s immense popularity has propelled Duolingo to the coveted position of the #1 education app in the Apple App Store, solidifying its status as a leader in the language-learning industry.

Key takeaway: When using TikTok for your brand, prioritise creating entertaining content over promotional material. Embrace viral trends to increase your reach and engagement. Additionally, develop exclusive content tailored specifically for the TikTok audience to maximise its impact on your brand’s success.

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