Sitting down with Mina Whorms, Marketing Communications Manager

Welcome to one of the newest and brightest additions to our AirVu Media team — Mina Whorms. Today, let’s get to know our Marketing Communications Manager as we welcome her to the team.

Mina has taken a love for literature and history, translating this into a career in communications.

From avid reader to wordsmith

Mina’s journey into the world of media and communications began with her love for literature and history. She tells us: “I spent a majority of my childhood years with a pen on a page, trying to make some sort of written sense out of everything I was learning and experiencing.” 

This early passion for writing shaped her career, allowing her to tell meaningful stories and drive purposeful strategies. Ultimately, this passion led to a Master’s degree in studying how messages are received in different media settings and on to a career in communications.

Mina recalls, “Initially, during my English Lit Bachelors, I thought I wanted to go into journalism. But the more I met inspirational writers and artists, like Gillian Wearing and Sarfraz Manzoor, I knew I needed to be on the sending rather than the receiving end of communications.”

Now, Mina has a unique perspective on writing. She says, “Writing allows me to make sense of chaos and find creative solutions to challenging situations, both personally and professionally.” At AirVu Media, we’re using that talent to deliver meaningful communications and campaign messages for our clients.

Diverse Experiences in media & communication

Mina boasts an impressive resume that spans both the private and public sectors, touching areas like journalism, editing, and all facets of communications, media, and PR. Her varied experience has given her a comprehensive view of the industry, making her an invaluable asset to our team.

Getting deep for a moment, Mina tells us about a thought that is ever-present for her: “One of my favourite communications theorists is Marshall McLuhan, who coined the term “the medium is the message”, meaning: the way a message is crafted, delivered, and interpreted by the receiver, changes how a message is understood.”

“I think that communication is never surface-level, and the message is almost never always about the message itself, but more about changing public attitudes and behaviour; that’s what really fascinates and drives me.” 

Most recently, Mina worked in the Office of the Premier at the Cayman Islands Government. During her time in Government, Mina tells us about her experience:

“By working on larger, national communication strategies, I gained invaluable experience that required hard work, collaboration, and precision, as well as learning the ins and outs of Government: strategic planning, budgeting, legislation drafting, policy and Parliamentary proceedings. As a young Caymanian who wanted to grow my skill set in Communications, the Government provided me with the opportunity to spearhead crisis communications, write landmark speeches and work on successful campaigns!” 

From crescendos to creating

You wouldn’t be a member of the AirVu Media team without a diverse range of extracurriculars – Mina is no different. In her spare time, Mina practises her musical talents, reads and writes. “I play the steel drums, piano, flute and do some song mixing,” she says. “I guess you could say my main love is the piano…I play it pretty much every evening before bed.”

When we ask more about books, Mina tells us, “One of my favourite things to do is to read a book before watching the film! If you watch a film and then read the book, it’s not as exciting because you have a pre-constructed notion of the character already in your mind. Read the book first because you can picture the looks of a character however you please. A book can be anything beyond your imagination, but bad acting can ruin the story’s forever stain on you.” 

A shining star 

We can’t wait to share more from Mina as she settles into her role at AirVu Media. What really stood out to us when we first met this rockstar communicator was her passion in all its forms – from BBC Films to Ted Talks; Mina is a shining star when it comes to finding engaging ways to connect with an audience.

Mina’s rich background in media and communications, combined with her passion for storytelling, makes her an exciting addition to our team. We’re thrilled to have her on board and look forward to the innovative ideas and strategies she will bring to AirVu Media. Welcome to the team, Mina!