Getting to know Ty, Campaign Manager

Times are changing at AirVu Media as our team grows again! With great excitement, we’re welcoming Tyleisha Galbraith, our new Campaign Manager, to the AirVu Media team.

Ty brings a wealth of knowledge in fast-paced crisis communications and marketing, having worked for four years in the government sector. We sat down with her to dig a little deeper.

A background in building connections

At AirVu Media, our employees are the backbone of our success, and Ty is no exception.

Of particular note is Ty’s expertise in reputation management, crisis communication, and public relations with the Cayman Islands Government. Tyleisha’s portfolio includes effective marketing campaigns such as the COVID-19 Stay Safe, Stay Home, Get Vaccinated, and Cost of Living CIG Campaigns.

Her extensive experience and proven track record made her an ideal fit for our team. We know she will bring her unique skills and perspectives to help drive results for our clients.

“Back in University, I majored in political science, where I learned about the power of influence and decision-making,” Ty says. This, coupled with attending law school, has made Tyleisha an incredibly rational decision-maker.

Ty says during her time at Government, “I fell in love with communications as a concept once I realised it’s really about connecting with people. At the core of any communications strategy is convincing people to take appropriate action. To succeed at that, I spend a lot of my time understanding people – what they might want, how they might respond to a message, and their channel preferences… Now that I’m thinking about it, studying political science might’ve led me here without me even realising it!”.

Leading digital transformations

Ty’s background in government communications has given her a unique perspective on communicating effectively and managing crises while leading innovation in marketing.

Ty says that she enjoys marketing because it allows her the opportunity to constantly learn new things, “Marketing is always changing. There are always new techniques or trends to learn, strategies to research, and cases to study. Just look at the way COVID forced growth in the digital and e-commerce sectors.”.

Putting data at the heart of our decisions

In her new role, Ty will work with our strategists to develop and execute comprehensive marketing strategies that drive our clients’ success. In addition, she’ll work closely with our clients to understand their needs and help them achieve their goals through effective campaigns putting to good use our team of creative experts.

Ty has a strong background in using data to identify trends and opportunities and measure campaigns’ impact. Data-driven marketing leads to increased customer loyalty, more customers, and increased satisfaction, so by putting data at the heart of our decisions, we all win.

Ty added that “Gathering data isn’t just about understanding how well a piece of communications performed. It’s also about predicting what will happen next time; Taking the time to understand data before any campaign helps us know our customers before they even get anything from us. We can predict their needs, desires, and future behaviours — all of which allows us to craft messaging that gets their attention.”.

A passion for organising chaos

On managing projects, Ty expands, “I genuinely have a passion for organising chaos. Nothing makes me happier than taking a pool of ideas and turning them into an actionable and measurable plan.”.

With this passion for organisation comes an enthusiasm for crafting messages that resonate—a scientist at heart, Tyleisha experiments with new technologies, messaging, and narratives all the time.

Outside of the office, Ty is just as committed to new experiences.

“You’ll find me travelling to new places, trying new restaurants, or picking up new hobbies,” she says. “Usually, the new hobbies only last for a while, though, because ironically, I’m also a creature of habit! My mornings all look the same: I get up, walk my two precious puppies, spend 15 minutes reading, have some yoghurt and granola, a coffee, and then go about my day.”.

At AirVu Media, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support, and Ty’s arrival only strengthens this commitment. We are confident that her expertise, passion, and drive will make her a valuable asset to our team and clients.

We are thrilled to have this powerhouse on board and look forward to working with her to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Please join us in welcoming Ty to the AirVu Media family!