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Nancy Harrison

Mar 25, 2022

Why your company should choose animated video

Animations can be captivating. Here are some compelling reasons why animated videos are perfect for your marketing.

Nancy Harrison

Mar 9, 2022

How to start video marketing

Video continues to grow in importance. Here are some recommended steps when it comes to developing a strategy for video.

Nancy Harrison

Mar 2, 2022

Using video to build trust

And if done right, video will build trust with your prospects – here are three reasons how.

Nancy Harrison

Feb 23, 2022

Making a brand video

Having a brand video is a key way to introduce your brand to a digital audience. But how do we make a brand video?

Nancy Harrison

Feb 15, 2022

What kind of video is right for your business?

You know your company needs video but figuring out what kind of video is hard. Here are our top ten types.

Nancy Harrison

Feb 9, 2022

5 video production myths we can’t wait to debunk

An explosion of popularity in video content has led to an explosion of myths. Here’s our top five list we need to bust: