What kind of video is right for your business?

With video forecast to claim more than 80% of all web traffic in 2019 and 90% of customers reporting that product videos help them make purchasing decisions, it is imperative companies create videos that resonate with their audience and ultimately help sell their services and products.

You know your company needs video, but figuring out what kind of video will bring the most value to your business can be a complex decision.  But with all the different types of videos out there, which ones are best for your business? To begin, you may want to strategize about the goal of your video and how best to reach that goal.

Here are 10 types of videos to consider for your business:

Demo or how-to

Length: <2 minutes

Do you have a product or program you’re selling? Demo/Tutorial/How-To videos educate potential customers how your product works and will give them confidence in what they are buying and decrease purchase hesitation.  These type of videos offer an immediate benefit to the user and allow potential customers a way to engage with your brand. They can also be a great way to show that you care about their consumer experience.

These should be produced simply, without much production value, but provide valuable information with clear step by step instructions that are easy to follow.  It’s often wise to use graphics to compliment the live action and make the step by step process seamless.

Since these videos have such broad appeal (extremely helpful for visual learners), they’re great as a search optimization tool and can help establish you as a credible source of information – then retarget users based on their watching habits.

Here is an example of a Tutorial video:


Length: 30-90 seconds

These videos are the most efficient and incredibly powerful branded videos you can make as there is no marketing tool stronger than a satisfied customer.  Your prospects want to know that your product can (and will) solve their specific problem. And people like to know, from people they trust, what someone’s experiences were with a brand or service so they can decide if a particular company meets their needs.  

Testimonial videos typically show current or past customers talking about their experience working with you or using your product in a positive way.  Because they’re from the perspective of real users, they often carry more merit and credibility than anything you could create on your own.

These videos should be kept simple, ‘talking head’ style, with the subject sitting down and being interviewed direct to camera.   The testimonial should also include graphics with the person’s name and title. These should be kept simple, ‘talking head’ style with the subject sitting down and being interviewed direct to camera.   The testimonial should also include a graphic super with the person’s name and title.

Here is an example of a Testimonial video:


Length: 1-2 minutes

Brand videos, sometimes referred to as an “Anthem” video, provide a high-level overview of your company and information about your mission, your story, and how you came to be.  The goal is to build awareness around your company and to intrigue and attract your target audience. These videos can be tricky because you need to address the macro and micro aspects of your business and your position in the marketplace.  To further complicate the challenge, the video needs to be upbeat, aspirational, and short.

These videos should be attractive visually and follows a script.  The script itself may not serve as on-camera dialogue or a voice over, rather, it serves as a blueprint of how of how you organize and communicate your message.  Keep in mind that graphics can be quite impactful and complement the storytelling.

Although a lot of work, a well executed brand video can be a very valuable sales tool and really elevate your brand.  It can set the foundation for a strong relationship so you remain top of mind.

Here is an example of a Brand video:


Length: 1-2 minutes

Explainer videos do just that – they explain things.  They are defined as a short video that businesses use to quickly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and tell how they can help solve a customer’s problem.  Many explainer videos focus on a fictional journey of the company’s core buyer persona. This person overcomes the issue by adopting or buying the business’s solution.

Explainer videos are particularly useful if your business or products are new, complex, or abstract.  Animations are especially effective for explainer videos as they are entertaining and can illustrate abstract concepts. Done right, explainer videos can educate viewers and encourage them to buy!

Here is an example of an Explainer video:


Length: >2 minutes

A popular type of Explainer video, animated videos are often the preferred format for hard-to-grasp concepts that need strong visuals or to explain abstract/intangible services or products.  They are a good education media due to eye-catching visuals, snappy animations, and narrative audio – making them stand out and difficult to skip or miss.

Animation evokes emotions that resonate with audiences.  It sparks conversation and makes your viewers want to follow the story.  Animated videos allow for more creativity, and are easier to edit or update when you want to make future adjustments.

Here is an example of an Animation video:


Length: <3 minutes

Event videos can cover award ceremonies, conferences, fundraisers, round table discussions, launch parties, publicity events, and more.  Consider producing a highlight reel or release interesting interviews and presentations from the gathering. Event videos communicate impression of the event, they showcase the best moments and most enthusiastic attendees, and whet the appetite for the next season or following event.

Think of your event videos like you would any other nurturing campaign: what will you do after your event to encourage continued engagement?

Here is an example of an Event video:


Length: various

Regardless of your business or industry, your employees probably require some type of training to perform their job well.  Education/Training videos can be used to teach your audience something new or build the foundational knowledge they require to better understand your business and solutions as part of your corporate learning program.  These videos can help engage and acclimate new employees quickly.

Not only can they be re-used, making them cost-effective, they also increase knowledge retention as video-based eLearning has been proven to be an effective training tool because:

  1. Pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words.
  2. Video is more engaging than other media types because it blends multiple methods of communication into one format.

Here is an example of an Education video:

Broadcast commercial

Length: 15-30 seconds

While TV commercials aren’t always right for a brand, they shouldn’t be discounted. Commercial videos are still the most popular type of branded videos and they are also the most expensive option on the list, but that’s because they’re so effective.  They’re brief, attention-grabbing videos that don’t divulge too much about your brand, but give the viewer just enough to entice them.

Broadcast commercials can reach a massive, captive audience.  These commercials should create a personal connection with the audience and they should end with a clear call-to-action.

Here is an example of a Commercial video:


Length: <1 minute

It is common for a company to receive the same questions over and over again.  An FAQ video is a video where you answer frequently asked questions about your brand from your customers and followers helping customers feel more confident in making a purchase and helping a company’s internal team save time and resources.

FAQ videos can be formatted slightly different, but the basic concept is always the same, whether you use text alone, a spokesperson, or a series of clever skits.  By openly answering frequently asked questions (as best possible), your customers will know who you are and what you are able to provide for them before they walk through your door.


Length: various

Live video is an easy way to reach your audience in real time.  Whether you are hosting a live Q&A, teaching a class, live video gives your viewers a special, behind-the-scenes look at your company.

And there is something about the immediacy of live video that people just can’t get enough of.  Often being part of a live stream feels like you’re in an exclusive club. This kind of video draws longer streams and higher engagement rates – viewers spend up to 8.1x longer with live video than with video on-demand. Live-stream interviews, presentations, and events, and encourage viewers to comment with questions.