Why your company should choose animated video

There’s a very good reason why we find it difficult to peel our eyes away from animation… it’s captivating!  Colours, shapes, and unworldly happenings all bring us back to a time we can all connect to – watching cartoons as a kid.  

And by manipulating reality into animated-form we are are able to gain a fresh perspective on complicated topics, reclaim lost engagement, awaken curiosity, and spark new interest.

Given this, thousands of companies have an animated video in their content tool kit.  In fact, 59% of marketers use animated video.

Here are some compelling reasons why animated videos are perfect for your marketing communications:

Animations help tell a story; they clearly deliver your message

One of the most touted reasons for making an animated video is that it is a perfect tool to share clear information in a simple manner.  This is particularly useful when you have a topic that is complex or abstract. In this case, animation is capable of simplifying concepts and explaining them in a highly visual way using visual metaphors, life-like graphics, and resonating moments that help your target audience with that “aha” moment and better understand how your product fits the customer’s life.

If you can’t easily point a camera at it… animation is the answer. This can be seen in whiteboard videos that explain global logistics, or other animation styles to explain the inner-workings of more complex systems or processes like this video we created for The AVA Foundation.

They grab attention

& have a higher change of being watched & remembered

Our brains associate animation with entertainment consequently making us want to watch it.  The content is innovative and attractive with a compelling message keeping viewers engrossed.  Animated video makes it possible to tailor graphics in such a way that excites, resonates, and persuades the targeted audience to engage with your business.  

According to author and molecular biologist John Medina, vision is our most dominant sense, taking up half our brain’s resources.  65% of people are visual learners, and 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual.  And visual information is processed 60,000x faster than text.

Videos that end with an attractive call-to-action further encourage the viewer to take a desired action.

The sky’s the limit

animation offers total creative freedom

There are no limitations when it comes to creating an animated marketing video.  If you want your character to use your product which in turn transforms their hair into long, golden locks… you can!  

With the use of limitless software, hardware, and cutting-edge techniques at your disposal you have utter freedom to create and watch your imagination literally come to life.  And when your brand is having fun with a topic – that enchantment becomes contagious and audiences can’t help but enjoy the experience and most importantly, remember it.

Live action videos have limitations in virtually every aspect, from colour to capability.  Animation provides you the freedom to defy nature, create scenes or actions that are physically impossible, and bring rare characters to life.  Anything that may seem impossible in real life should be possible in animation.

They can be cost effective

Live action videos can come with a long list of expenses.  From budgeting for props, production time, cast, talent, locations, sets, and equipment, when you create an animated video you can skip most of this.  Animated video allows you time to focus on telling your brand story.

Another bonus is that animated video is more flexible than live action video.  With live action video you are stuck with some of the decisions you make early on.  With animated video it’s a little easier to make post-production changes. With a click, drag, and drop you can make a change in setting or character details without greatly impacting the scope of your project or the budget.

The key is to source an agency that specializes in producing high quality animation video.  They have all the tools and software you need to bring your concept to life.

Animated videos are a powerful way to break up the monotony of every-day visual experience, simplify convoluted topics, and take an imaginative journey with your audience.  Do you have this type of video in your content tool kit?