Making a brand video

Video is no longer a “nice-to-have” piece of visual content marketing that only a few companies can afford to prioritize.  Video, particularly a brand video, has become a mandatory communication tool to connect brands with their audiences and customers.  

Having a brand video in your content bag-of-tricks is a key way to introduce your brand to a digital audience. It tells people why your product or service matters, drawing them in and gaining their trust.  But how do we make a brand video? Press play and read on!

Branded video

Yes it’s an advert but it’s still compelling content.

A brand video is really just storytelling with a strong narrative. As a marketer, you will have experience creating great content and branded video is simply an extension of this.  

Audiences love a well-made film, brimming with an inspirational, compelling, and immersive story. Equally, an overly salesy, uninspiring, poorly shot film, filled with nothing but product placement, is likely to have your audience hitting the SKIP button in no time.  It’s important to include the next few ingredients into your brand video.

Always start with why

People are inspired by the “why” behind your product.  And while you may have a really great solution (the “what”), it won’t really matter if your “why” isn’t compelling.

The “why” is especially important when marketing to Millennials.  According to HubSpot, Millennials want to feel connected and involved when it comes to their purchases, and they value when companies talk to them about a product rather than simply show the product.  Hubspot also mentions that Millennials “appreciate [thoughtful] leadership and expertise,” which becomes obvious when you show your “why.”

Set & accomplish your goals

Your video should show how your brand accomplishes your “why.”  Your brand exists because it solves a problem (for your consumer) or reaches a goal (that is important to your business).  If you are providing a solution for your audience it often helps for them to see the product in action. Compelling footage of your product or service in action simply amplifies your message and generates believers within your audience.

Be authentic

Demonstrate your brand’s authenticity in your work.  Connect with your audience, prove your brand is best, and gain their trust.  Again, your brand has a purpose (your “why”) – make your audience aware of this, make them understand and believe in your product/service.  According to Hubspot, “Millennials trust what they feel is authentic,” and they value authenticity above content.

Show your personality

Your brand has its own personality whether it be serious and stoic or playful and quirky.  Make sure your brand video is representative of this character. Video is a great medium to demonstrate and deliver personality which people will connect with.  Marketing works because humans can be captivated by personality!

Know your audience

Your brand should be familiar with your audience and their behaviour, including how they prefer to engage with your content whether via desktop browser, mobile, or app.  Use this data to inform your video strategy from the outset, and don’t be afraid to A/B test the content to discover what receives the best response rates. Many social channels have different design and technical specifications for video but, if you know which you are targeting from the start, your content can be easily optimized for each of these channels.

A call-to-action

After all, your brand video is advertising.  Now that your have your audience’s trust, remind your audience that you CAN solve their problem and tell them how to do it.  Make sure your video tells them how to connect with you. Make the ask – call your audience to action.

Here are some examples of some (we think) great brand videos:

  • Old Spice is known for their fun, well-crafted ads packed with personality.  If you re-watch some of their commercials with these brand video tips in mind, you’ll see just how accurate it is. Old Spice does an excellent job of branding themselves and showing their “why” authentically.
  • Dollar Shave Club also does this quite well. They share several reasons as to why they’ve created their product.  And they do this by being funny (quite funny!), showing their company culture, and in the end… they make the ask.

Essentially, a brand video is marketing your company and there’s many ways to go about doing this.  Your unique brand deserves a one-of-a-kind approach. A brand video generates brand awareness and can keep people hooked on your business.  A brand video is pretty much an indispensable piece of content in your marketing tool-kit.