Department of Financial Assistance (DFA)

Online government support service, elevating financial assistance

What the client needed

Launch a new, enhanced delivery of financial assistance

Our team undertook a challenging overhaul for the Department of Financial Assistance (DFA), redefining the support experience of the former Needs Assessment Unit (NAU). Collaborating closely with the Ministry of Investment, Innovation, and Social Development, our task was to create a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy (complete with social media content, press releases and other communications materials) and design a user-friendly website that allowed applicants to apply and track their application status easily.

What we did

Full communications launch plan & awareness strategy

We developed a full growth marketing project including branding & strategy, web design, social media scheduling, and content development for their new brand and digital presence. This included both external and internal marketing materials, including designing elevator and print posters, postcards, and digital assets to encourage public awareness. 

As the new DFA was designed to expand eligibility requirements, we created a suite of marketing and communications materials tailored to various audiences. This included internal audiences, such as government employees and civil servants, and external audiences, including senior citizens, business owners and parents.

We also published print ads through select external media houses and newspapers, to reach the older population or those who may not have access to social media in the Cayman Islands. This allowed us to ensure our marketing materials reached all segments of the target population.

The final result of the project was a freshly-designed, user-friendly website and a complete package of marketing materials to ensure a smooth, successful launch and growth in the use of the new departmental portal.

How we did it

  • Strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Print & digital advertising
  • Website
  • Radio

Project outcomes


New user-friendly website


Comprehensive policy manual 


Brand & design guidelines

Strategy plan

Full Communications launch & implementation plan

Content plan

Social media calendar, complete with content