Cayman Airways

Increasing awareness for Cayman Airways’ Boeing 737 Max 8  

What the client needed

Generate social media excitement & engagement

Cayman Airways approached us with the challenge of executing a digital social media campaign to mark the arrival of their new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft. Tapping into the emotions of their target audience while instilling feelings of pride and patriotism for the Cayman Islands was essential to boost engagement and interaction across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads platforms.

What we did

3 custom emotion-evoking video campaigns

We developed a digital social media campaign strategy that went beyond the client’s brief and exceeded their expectations. We created a three-video campaign that focused on emotional marketing tactics to capture the attention and interest of the target audience. Our tactics include using some of Cayman’s favourite residents and attractions using storytelling techniques to allow the audience to experience the event no matter where they live.

We made sure that each video told a unique story while maintaining a consistent theme to evoke emotions and encourage reactions. Our team ensured that the videos were optimised for each social media platform for maximum reach and engagement.

How we did it

  • Video
  • Ad
  • Copywriting

Project outcomes


Facebook shares


Positive Facebook reactions


Impressions (Facebook, Instagram)


Actions (Facebook, Instagram)


Impressions (Google Ads)


Views (Google Ads)